How We Got Started & Our Promise

At Steve Carfano’s Newport Beach Golf Shop we believe it is important to  offer Name Brand Golf Equipment, Apparel, and Accessories that come with a low price guarantee AND a 100 day / 100% satisfaction guarantee*.

You are guaranteed to get a great price because our overhead is very low. With no incentive or affiliation to any club manufacturer you get the right product for your game with a personal approach to your shopping experience.

Golf has been my passion, hobby and livelihood for 30 years. Sitting in on meetings with Golf Club Designers, Golf Ball Engineers and Club Fitting Directors from leading Golf Club Manufacturer’s, I have learned about golf equipment and golf club fitting from the finest minds in the golf industry. My entire career I have been taking notes, asking questions and applying this knowledge to my customer’s needs. Properly measuring, and analyzing our client’s strengths and weaknesses, we use the best tools available to achieve the desired results.

*Terms and conditions available upon request.